Structural Drying – Flood Drying

Rapid Structural Drying – Flood Drying.

Gas infrared drying

Structural Drying – Flood Drying. Heat drying is the only way capable of drying a new construction in less than 24 hours. ( Screed. Gipsum, ) and a flooded building in 48-100 hours. The heat is applied directly to floors, walls, ceilings…  Drying process using gas infrared heaters is the fastest and more efficient system. This work should only be done by real experts.

DehumidificationSecado de inundaciones

Inefficient system compared to infrared drying or any other drying system with heat. It consists in the installation of so many machines as the electrical system is capable of supporting (dehumidifiers, fans ) and wait too long. It is widely used by franchises, rental and multi-service companies, etc .. Use of electricity is not advisable in flooded buildings. 

Water Damage Restoration – Do It YourselfTécnico secado

The important thing about this system is that you will work with risk elements, such as gas, oil     and electricity. Remember that sometimes the mechanisms fail and that you are the best automatism. Don’t leave the machines working alone.

Drying Machines

Gas Infrared HeaterInfrared drying

Use only in well-ventilated areas. Instant heat, quite and without wires. The most  efficient solution for structural and flood drying.

Electric Infrared HeaterElectric infrared

I don’t use. The machine is useful for small works of drying. The problem in great works, for example a flood, is the supply of electricity, cables distribution and that the use of electricity is not advised in flooded areas.

Fuel Heater. Direct Combustion.Cañon de calor

Combustion smell. Toxic. Use only in well-ventilated areas. It has utilities such as prevention   of freezing, thawing, etc … It is not effective for drying floors, screeds, the bottom of the walls, etc

Fuel Heater. Indirect Combustion.Calefacción

Fast and clean heat for any activity such as the industry, agriculture, events… Hot air, free of odors. Approximately 20 % of heat is lost through the chimney. Too expensive for serious problems caused by water. Use only in well ventilated areas.

DehumidifierSecado de inundaciones

Use of electricity is not advisable in flooded buildings.  I don’t use. In my opinion, with more than 40 years of experience, this is not an efficient machine for flood and construction drying. Many manufacturers warn of some hazards:

– Do not use the appliance in artificially hot or humid conditions.

– Do not use in areas where water is likely to splash.

– To protect against electrical shocks, do not immerse unit, plug or cord in water, or spray with liquids.

– Do use this unit only for purpose for which it was designed.

Moisture Meters                                                                                                                                                           

 The hydrometers used do not mesure soil, screed or wall moisture, measure its conductivity. One must know how to interpret the readings. The manufacturers warn that they cannot accept responsibility for any loss, consequential or otherwise, resulting from its use. Necessary for professionals.